Easy, Reliable and Affordable
LifeSafer Ignition interlocks are one of the most widely used devices in the US. Incorporating ergonomics, simplicity and reliability our devices are designed to get you back on the road quickly, safely and legally.

*device availability determined by state.

For states that require a camera with the Ignition Interlock, LifeSafer provides a camera that interfaces seamlessly with the ignition interlock device

Reliable Sensing Technology
“Alcohol-specific” sensing technology delivers accurate performance day-in and day-out.

Events Log
A built-in memory chip records all events in accordance with state regulations.

Service Reminder Reset

This feature reminds the client that a service appointment should be booked soon to stay in compliance with state laws and regulations

Vehicle Restart

If the vehicle should stall, this feature gives the driver a few minutes’ grace period to start the vehicle without needing a breath test. This is a safety precaution for the driver.

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